360 Assessment

The 360 assessment is designed to help employees hone their professional skills using a combined perspective of their immediate work circle.  It assesses feedback from self-evaluation, supervisors, peers, and direct reports regarding various skills.  In some cases, feedback is also requested from customers and vendors.  Team work, communication, leadership, management skills, and team impact may be assessed, among other areas.


A combined perspective helps balance the feedback and create a clear picture for employees about their behavior and skills.  Results can help individuals plan and map specific paths in their development, as well as assist your organization with executive coaching, training and development, performance appraisals, feedback sessions, and many other applications.


Companies typically use the 360 as a development tool to help employees recognize strengths and weaknesses and become more effective.  Because the opinions are anonymous, they are often more honest than face-to-face feedback.  Once participants have insight into how others perceive them, they are able to adjust behaviors and develop skills to help them improve.