As with any major life change, retirement can bring its share of challenges.  Our Active Retirement program takes a holistic approach, determining the interests, goals, concerns, and long‐term aspirations of individuals and their spouses/partners.  Factors like personal attitude, values clarification, coping with stress and change, and personal control in decision making are explored since they are all foundations of a financially and emotionally healthy retirement. 


“Knowing thyself” is an essential first step in retirement planning.  This program helps individuals and their spouses recognize their patterns, preferences, and comfort level regarding potential success, providing structure and helping them gain a sense of control over the future.  Topics may include:


  • Understanding the retirement process and how it affects individuals, family, and friends
  • Mastering change from full-time employment to active retirement
  • Exploring options, including part-time or contractual work, entrepreneurial/franchising opportunities, serving on boards, and volunteering
  • Personal assessment through a variety of exercises and online instruments designed to assess personality, interests, and activity preferences
  • Action plan development to map out specific activities and direction for the first 6 to 12 months
  • Identifying new family roles and responsibilities
  • Health and wellness
  • Retirement myths
  • Caring for aging parents and adult children
  • Geographical considerations
  • Financial planning from Plaza Advisory Group to provide a thorough understanding of retirement benefits