The CareerLaunchTM Boot Camp consists of three intense three-hour modules.  Participants will receive:

  • Personal Keyword Report - An analysis of your job targets will significantly improve your resume and LinkedIn "hits" and boost your online leads.
  • Professionally Developed Resume
  • 100-Company Report - Based on your target employers, a spreadsheet will be provided with detailed company data, including contacts and titles.
  • Professional Photo - Taken at HRMC for your LinkedIn profile, executive bio, marketing documents, etc.

Module I:  Creating "Project You" (3 hours)

Establishing YOUR career vision and an effective foundation:

  • Creating a powerful transition statement
  • Turning your experience into STAR (Situation/Task-Action-Result) stories
  • Making your resume a valuable tool in the hands of the hiring manager

Module II:  Managing "Project You" (3 hours)

Establishing the value and visibility of your brand:

  • Capitalizing on Internet research
  • Developing "guerrilla networking skills" to improve your connections, be "in the know" about opportunities, and learn how to work a room
  • Establishing your job search campaign plan

Module III:  Selling "Project You" (3 hours)

Validating your candidacy, selling your value, and closing the deal:

  • Interview preparation techniques
  • Nailing the top behavioral interview questions
  • Closing interview techniques


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