A HUGE "thank you" to the entire HRMC staff.  Especially my coach and Jim Wolf--both of whom helped me immensely!  Words alone cannot express the support I received, from resume development, interview preparation, networking connections, and the weekly Client Strategy Sessions.  Everyone's positive attitude is contagious and helped me tackle each step during my transition.  All of the information learned and shared will be treasured and of great value to me going forward.  This is truly a bittersweet ending.


~ John Seibold, Quality Manager



Having experienced firsthand the personal attention from Jim Wolf and his team, I highly recommend HRMC to any executive in transition.  In addition to having an assigned lead consultant, who provided great counsel and refined my job search strategy, Jim regularly met with me throughout my progress.  He is a consummate networker and will not only extend his connections, but guide you in enhancing your existing network.  The entire HRMC team is passionately dedicated to sharing their expertise and technical wisdom.  Possessing impeccable integrity and commitment to helping clients succeed, HRMC is clearly a cut-above.


~ Donald Brandt, Chairman of the Board & President and Chief Executive Officer



HRMC has been a lifeline for me!  From Boot Camp, resume development, business cards, and Client Strategy Sessions, I have learned so much.  My consultant provided a wonderful ear and great advice.  Jim Wolf was an ace researcher, networker, and negotiator.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!


~ Ellen DeVasto, Business Analyst



Thanks to all who supported me along the way.  Everyone at HRMC is very kind and helpful.  The Client Strategy Sessions were priceless.


~ Jaimee Louis-Jacques, Director of Nursing



I'd like to thank the HRMC staff for taking the time to discuss issues relevant to my job search and for coming up with a solution that kept me moving forward.  I enjoyed the experience.  I think the Client Strategy Sessions are invaluable because I learned something each time I attended.


~ Hubert Pulley, Project Manager



Thanks to Barry, Jim, and the HRMC Team.  I learned so much that helped me tackle each step in the process.  I truly believe that I would not have been successful so soon without the guidance and support I was fortunate to receive.  Many thanks!


~ Marc Jalbert, Regional Sales Director



Many, many thanks to the HRMC Team.  I have received encouragement, education, discipline, advice and countless other goodies while participating in the program.  Most importantly, I felt partnered with the team during my employment quest.  A special thanks to my coach, Lainie Neiman, for pushing all the right buttons at the right time.


~ Kas Gardiner, Senior Project Manager


A big thank you to Jim and the entire team at HRMC for all of the knowledge, coaching, resources and support!!!  You do it right!!!


~ Steve Zelinsky, National Account Manager



What a great journey!  Big thanks to my consultant (and now friend), Jim Wolf.  But the whole HRMC team of professionals together made it special.  Likewise to my fellow clients--too many to mention.  I couldn't have asked for a more supportive environment, which naturally led to my "dream job."  This is quite a bittersweet ending.  Thanks to all, and please let me know whenever I can help you.


~ Adam Baer, General Manager