Our premium executive outplacement services are tailored to meet the needs of the most senior‐level executives.  Available services include:

One-On-One Career Consulting

Our consulting staff is composed of uniquely qualified and experienced professionals with extensive corporate, entrepreneurial, and consulting backgrounds.  They are chosen for their strong commitment to career transition consulting and their combined experiential and academic credentials.   


HRMC's proven coaching model focuses on mastery of 12 essential competencies:  attitude, organization, vision, strategy, goal setting, energy level, networking, perseverance, interviewing, branding, negotiating, and technology.


Exit Strategy Development

Conducting a smooth transition from the candidate’s former company is an essential first step.  This includes a strategically written and carefully orchestrated departure announcement to be used within the organization and with the candidate’s personal and professional network.


Resume Development

Resumes are professionally developed by conducting a thorough assessment of skills to develop strong, quantifiable accomplishments.  Metrics are used to emphasize strengths and uncover positive results to present the candidate as a valuable addition to any company.  A keyword analysis is performed based on market requirements.


Marketability & Career Assessment

Assessment and marketability audits are conducted to identify unique talents, goals, challenges, and circumstances.  Sample assessments may include:


  • 16PF – Facilitates personnel selection and development by identifying qualities that influence behaviors in work settings, such as problem-solving and interpersonal style.  The assessment also offers an in-depth interpretation of normal personality factors from a clinical perspective.
  • FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior) – Helps individuals explore the leadership style they use and how others might perceive and react to it.
  • EQ (Entrepreneurial Quotient) – Extracts latent, innate strengths and characteristics for any field, getting to the heart of what makes entrepreneurs tick.


Network Development

Direct introductions to contacts within geographic and industry targets will be made by the HRMC executive team, business partners, and senior consultants.  Our clients learn techniques for utilizing their existing contacts and developing expansive connections within targeted industries or disciplines. 


Strategic Planning & Development

A personal strategy and campaign plan are critical components in any job search.  Our consultants guide candidate activity to ensure they are connecting with the right decision makers and target companies.


Extensive Personal Branding Guidance

An individual “personal brand” is developed that clearly and consistently exhibits the candidate’s distinctive value (strengths, passions, goals, etc.) to their target audience through their resume, cover letters, business plan, and social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook).


Expert Consultation

HRMC will arrange consultation meetings with specialists based on individual needs, including:


  • Entrepreneurism and/or Franchising specialists
  • Coaching on starting a consulting business
  • An Executive Search consultant to help prepare for an intense vetting process
  • Relocation guidance


Executive Roundtable

This roundtable session provides resources and ideas for finding unadvertised opportunities, targeting companies, building a network, and negotiating job offers.   


Weekly Client Strategy Sessions

Facilitated by one of our consultants, these meetings give candidates the opportunity to share job leads, success stories, and obstacles encountered during their job search.  Individuals learn from fellow clients and exchange ideas and resources.  Topics include networking, interviewing, negotiating, goal setting, using technology, and more.


Administrative Support & Private Office Availability

Private offices are available with Microsoft Office, Wi-Fi, and office equipment (copier, printer, fax).  Administrative support is provided for presentations, business plans, brochures, etc. 


Technology Resources

  • Client Portal – Extensive information on networking, interviewing, negotiating, career exploration, finding job leads, conducting research, personal branding, and more.
  • Company Research – Information on 14 million companies, including business descriptions, financials, executive bios, corporate family reports, news alerts, and downloadable lists.