Just like change, conflict is inevitable.  There are many different types of conflict and even more diverse situations that lead to it.  The ability to deal with people is more important today than ever with the pressures of our fast-paced environment.  Being able to manage conflict in a productive way is frequently mentioned as one of the most challenging skills for people.  Participants will reflect on their current approach in handling conflict, revealing areas needing improvement to be more effective.  Conflict resolution strategies will be analyzed to foster a more cooperative environment.


Behavioral Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Define conflict and identify common physical reactions to it
  • Acknowledge the role of scarcity of resources in conflict
  • Identify common areas of conflict in their personal and professional lives
  • Understand the 5 basic conflict resolution styles
  • Understand the difference between position and interest in evaluating conflict situations               
  • Recognize dysfunctional ways of dealing with conflict


Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in learning more about the inevitable challenge of conflict resolution as it relates to our personal and professional lives


Sample Activities

  • Group and subgroup discussions
  • Role-playing of common conflict situations with interactive peer review





Delivery Options

Can be delivered one-on-one, in small groups, or as a half- or full-day workshop