Competencies are characteristics of a job, role, or function.  An employee’s ability to apply the core competencies of his or her job is a key factor in successful performance and employee engagement.  Many companies include competencies in position descriptions and job postings without a clear explanation of the skills or level of proficiency required, which can ultimately lead to high turnover and poor cultural fit.


HRMC provides a simple, yet powerful, tool that helps managers at all levels identify core competencies that are critical for success in a particular position.  This effort—completed, documented, and accepted by organization leadership—can be used to guide a number of related performance management components in a systematic fashion, such as:


  • Prescreening – Creating behavioral-based interview questions relative to competencies
  • Candidate selection – Confirming strengths/potential challenges of candidate in new role
  • Ongoing talent management
  • Managing, appraising, and rewarding performance
  • Identifying HiPo (high-potential) performers and developing leaders
  • Designing corporate and individual training and development plans


HRMC works directly with your team to carefully identify the core competencies critical for success in a particular role, or as a key player of an executive team.  Our process, designed specifically for your situation, involves the key stakeholders (boss, direct reports, incumbent, etc.) and includes the following key steps:


Data Collection

A list of relative job competencies is developed via a basic questionnaire, along with a thorough review of the job description.  Interviews are conducted with key stakeholders to discuss these identified competencies.  If possible, interviews are conducted with successful employees in the same role.


Competency Development

A summary report is created and evaluated in a systematic process with primary stakeholders to gain consensus.  Typically, 6 to 10 key competencies are developed per position.



A measurement process is established to determine the skill level of an individual (employee or candidate) ranked against each of the identified core competencies.  This may include psychological assessments, scenario-based exercises, and/or 360° feedback.