We understand that looking for a job can be a daunting task, filled with ever-changing technology.  Since 1982, we have continually refined our process that incorporates an audit of 12 job search competencies.  Developing the skills within each of these competencies will improve your focus, minimize your frustration, and significantly enhance your effectiveness with the ultimate goal of landing the best position for you and your career!

Get expert advice from career transition professionals to improve your strategy, enhance your personal brand, and gain access to the best online job search tools.

  • How are you branding yourself in the market?
  • Does your resume get you noticed?
  • Are you clearly communicating your career goals to your network?
  • What weekly goals have you set to keep yourself on track?
  • How are you positioning yourself on LinkedIn?

Unique Features of HRMC

  • A Primary Lead Coach will guide you through our structured process to fully understand your unique career goals.
  • An extended team of experts is also available for additional insight and specialized guidance.
  • Career/Psychometric assessments will help you fully understand your strengths and skills and clearly articulate them to hiring managers.
  • Our core competency audit will improve the results of your job search efforts.
  • Our extensive network consists of corporations we serve and thousands of alumni--our successful career transition candidates!


CareerLaunchTM Benefits  

  • Get your resume noticed by automated systems and hiring managers.  A keyword analysis is performed to ensure your resume is developed relative to YOUR job targets.
  • Expand your network.  Attend our weekly Client Strategy Sessions to share job leads and sharpen your networking skills.
  • Brand yourself as an expert in your field.  Our experts will upgrade your LinkedIn profile by:
    • Incorporating keywords
    • Improving your layout
    • Building connections
    • Adding a professional photo
    • And much more...

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