Organizations everywhere are talking about the importance of service, support, and customer satisfaction.  Businesses of all types believe the customer (internal or external) is the main concern.  However, creating outstanding customer service requires organizations to think of more than the event.  The focus has to be on building a positive relationship between the company and its customers, as success comes from managing that relationship.  Outstanding companies know just doing their job is not enough, and focus on how they interact with the customer.  Each contact is an opportunity that can be used to build a successful relationship or damage it.  This program will train participants to build strong, positive relationships that can be utilized daily to ensure success for everyone.


Behavioral Objectives

Participants will learn:


  • What it takes to provide world-class customer service and how each person can create it
  • How to anticipate and manage a customer’s expectations
  • How to identify customer communication styles
  • How to listen more effectively
  • How to be flexible when responding to different customer needs
  • How to maintain exceptional customer service


Who Should Attend

All employees, but especially relevant to customer service representatives


Sample Activities

  • Personal customer service interactions identified in triads
  • Questionnaires of company policies related to customers and their experiences
  • Interactive listening exercises
  • Role-plays on dealing with a variety of customers





Delivery Options

Can be delivered one-on-one, in small groups, or as a half- or full-day workshop